Daniil Drobot | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Athens 2019
from Friday 7 June to Saturday 8 June 2019.

I am a software developer that's passionate about learning new technologies and applying them in real projects. My main focus of interest is building high-load systems.

Multiplayer Pac-Man with RSocket


One of the most challenging aspects in building modern games is making it multiplayer. Can we use HTTP there? We can, but we will not get a real-time game. Can we use WebSockets / TCP? Of course, we can and we should! However, developing API on top of WebSocket is another challenge that no one wants to solve, but everyone does. Existing libraries do not give us a required variety of communication models. Today we will show you the way to tackle this - using RSocket. RSocket is an application protocol that makes developing of any networked application easy as pie. To prove that, we are going to build a multiplayer Pac-Man, and during the process compare different ways of making a multiplayer game.

Make sure to download the Android or iOS mobile schedule.